Meet Mike!

I’m Mike, a professional photographer in Cambridge since 2007.  I have a professional studio and shoot photography for brilliant businesses, institutions & business people.  I shoot a large variety of business-use photography.  This includes headshot portraits, editorial stories, conferences, events, product photography and company branding portfolios.

Typically, I’m commissioned by local, national and international companies, but my work has been published across the UK.  I’ve received an international photography award honourable mention, an Olympus wedding photography finalist award and been an Emma’s Diary photographer of the month with

“Working well with professional business people is all about being good with professional business people.  Years of experience has taught me that.  Photography is only half the story!  My clients are almost never professional models so appreciate my friendly, zero pressure approach.  I work hard to bring out the best in my subjects, whoever they are.”

So, if you’re a tech entrepreneur looking for a start-up portfolio, an individual looking for professional headshots, an educational institution looking for event or conference photography, a company putting an annual report together, or an organisation looking to commission PR/advertising images for a new company website, I’d be delighted to hear from you.