March 2020

All my business activities have come to an abrupt stop…

So, it has taken a global pandemic to prompt me to write another blog post.  The first in a year!  I sincerely hope everybody is well and able to follow the government guidelines?  Due to the social distancing requirements, my business activities ground to a complete halt in early March and I’m looking at an empty diary for the first time since I started out, back in 2007.  It’s very disconcerting and the future looks very uncertain.  Although the studio is closed, I am able to shoot product photography work where items can be delivered to the studio doorstep.

Despite the uncertainty, I am in the lucky position of running a low cost business.  Many other photographers and creative people will not be so lucky and their situations much more precarious.  The same goes for the cafes and restaurants, bars, cinemas and theaters.  It’s a tough situation for everybody and there are many cracks to fall through with regards to the government’s business help.  If you can, please buy vouchers, buy takeaways and take advantage of any delivery services your favourite local businesses might be offering.  Without your support, they might not re-open if this goes on for months.

For now, I’m isolating myself in my Cambridge house with at least two months worth of decorating and DIY to get through.  I’m certainly not feeling idle!  I’m in contact with elderly neighbours and have lost count of the number of shopping/pharmacy trips I’ve made on their behalf.  Luckily, these trips takes me into Cambridge on foot for what is quite an unbelievable experience.  It’s taken a bit of getting used to.  I’ve had my camera on me so here’s some photography…

Please take care, stay well and I look forward to shooting with you all again soon.