March 2019,

Out of nowhere, a fully booked month!

March started with an unusual commission for the University of Cambridge.  It was a photography job that taught me a new word too!  So, in all its glory, here is the Cambridge palimpsest!  It is a 3D puzzle showing layers of Cambridge’s construction history.  I photographed it for a researcher who wanted to add a digital construction layer for her research.  I’m still intrigued to see the finished graphic!

Next up, I was back at the Welcome Genome campus, shooting staff portraits for the BioData Innovation Centre.  I shot their staff images a couple of years ago and was booked again to photograph some new starters.  The style was posed-corporate, but by using the office environment for backgrounds, I could get some more interesting shots.

Next up was a busy day of events at the University of Cambridge.  I first shot a lunch event for the Cambridge Trust.  They award Cambridge scholarships to students across the world and this event was celebrating the 65th anniversary.

The second event of the day was the annual WiSETi lecture at Churchill College.  I was shooting for the University’s diversity and equality team.  Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at UCL and winner of the Royal Society Science Book Prize 2018 presented a public lecture about the teenage brain.  Interesting stuff!

Sticking with University events, I next covered the annual CamNeuro conference.  I’ve shot this a number of years running and although mostly above my head, a lot of it is fascinating!  It’s certainly interesting to hear about the cutting edge science that may one day impact major illnesses in society.

My next commission was for a good client of mine, IESO Digital Health, who I shoot for fairly regularly.  This shoot was to add more location office portraits of some new senior members of staff.  It’s always fun using a cool office environment to shoot portraits in!

Another event awaited me next, this time, in Wickford, shooting for Bourn Hall.  It was a PR event and I was commissioned by an agency to shoot quite a varied portfolio of event images, staff images and various photo-call images for newspapers.  Suffice to say, it was a full on day of shooting!

I had a number of studio head-shots booked in across the month as well a number of other University events (including a day at the Cambridge Science Festival).  I can’t share any of that, unfortunately!