June 2018,

This year is still breaking by busy records!

Much like May, June 2018 was one of my busiest ever summer months.  It saw me shoot a great deal of everything I do, from events to portraits, products to PR images.  First up was a location portrait photography session for Lucy, a life-coach who runs Transform & Thrive.  Our setting was Chicheley Hall near Milton Keynes.  We used the stunning interiors and the gardens for a series of ‘in-action’ shots and posed portraits.

For something completely different, I photographed the IfM annual Design Show at the University of Cambridge.  I’ve photographed this event for a number of years and it involves posed portraits of student team with their designs/products.

Other University of Cambridge photography jobs followed.  The first was photographing Westcott College’s leaver’s event.  As an Anglican Theological College, the work I shoot for them is always interesting and varied.  It is always a privilege to photograph their religious ceremonies and lively social events.

I shot further academic PR photography work for the Judge Business School, again adding to their growing portfolio of images.

A final University of Cambridge commission was to shoot staff portraits for the Cambridge Trust.  Booked as part of a leaving event for Rowan Williams (the ex Archbishop of Canterbury), I photographed group portraits of staff and trusties with Rowan, as well as staff portraits.  We used the gardens of Westminster College and got very lucky with the weather, despite it being too windy to use my strobe light (it blew over).


Another location portrait job was shot for IESO Digital health, who I work with a lot.  I’ve photographed almost all members of staff and this shoot filled some gaps and added some new starters.

To add to the variety of the month, I shot a couple of product jobs in June.  The first was a studio shoot.  The products in question were tiny medical vials so I used a macro lens, producing images shot against black and against white.

The second product job was more lifestyle and quite unusual as it involved live chickens!  Last month I photographed studio product work for Chicken Guard who make electronic doors for chicken coops.  This new shoot was all about getting shots of their product in action.  At the same time, they were making a series of films/adverts, so my brief expanded to include production/unit stills.  I also shot some chicken portraits!  No, really!

Before the end of the month, I shot another academic PR job for Studio School in Cambridge.  I spent the day shooting informal teacher-student interactions, posed PR shots and some building photography.

My final job for June was to shoot some PR images for Outspoken Couriers (now called Zedify).  As part of their re-brand, I shot images to decorate a new website and to accompany press releases.  An image from the shoot featured in the national press.