July 2017,

a month with a bit of a hangover from my super busy June ended in a much needed Italian holiday…

The month started with an interesting shoot at Madingley Hall outside Cambridge.  I have photographed Lucy Cavendish singers before, but not in quite such a stunning location!  We shot outside, then it rained, so we head inside to shoot some performance images:

I shot a number of PR headshots during June.  This series, shot for IESO health, is part of an on-going portrait series of the company’s senior directors.  This portrait session was shot at Churchill College, Cambridge:

In the middle of the month I had a booking from a top computer game design company.  Playground Games are based in Leamington Spa and I was commissioned to shoot some informal corporate portraits.  I also shot some staff action shots.  It was an eye-opening day of PR shooting!

By now I had my eyes on the end of the month, to when I was heading away for a holiday!  I had one more job to shoot.  The day before I left for Italy, I shot a joint British-Chinese conference at the Genome Campus, Hinxton Hall, Cambridge:


And finally, I was free to go and enjoy myself.  For two weeks, I travelled across northern Italy from Venice, into the dolomites, to Verona and Lake Como.  I flew home from Bergamo.  I enjoyed shooting some landscapes with my rather splendid compact camera, a Sony RX100v.  You can see more of my lo-fi travel photography on Instagram at www.instagram.com/cameraphonemostly.