February 2018,

a cold month, the hardest of months!

February started at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge shooting an unusual event coverage job.  I photographed the rehearsal of a theater production that was part of a lunch event for THIS Institute the following day.  THIS Institute are a new research organisation with aims to help improve the NHS.

Out of the studio still, I photographed a new staff member at PTP in Toft.  Her images were more than just standard head-shots.  I, of course, photographed a classic white background portrait (using the on location studio), but also some more creative images set in the offices.  I also added stock images to a PR portfolio I have shot for the company in the past.

Some more location images were shot for Innova Systems in Histon.  This was another varied job of head-shots, PR images and general office stock.  Innova had just received a customer satisfaction award (for the fifth year running I might add), and needed some professional photography to help them show off about it!

Next up were a pair of fairly unusual studio shoots!  Both were technically product photography, but could not have been more different.  The first were giant pieces of antique furniture shot for John Beazor antiques (and I mean giant – 5m x 3m).  Second were pencil art works by Chloe Leaper.  Both product photography shoots required quite a bit of edit work after the shoot.  To see more of the John Beazor collection, click here, for more of Chloe’s art, click here.

While we’re on the theme of unusual shoots, here’s another!  This very last minute job, shot for IESO Digital Health, was a lifestyle product shoot photographed on location in an office.  It was for a press release to do with their AI software for therapists… Obviously…!

Going forward, who is looking forward to this weather warming up in March!?  Or perhaps spring showing some signs of arrival?