January 2019,

Out of the studio and into the cold!

The first few months of the year are usually the quiet ones for me, but January can often surprise me!  I was booked for a handful of big jobs, so started 2019 off nicely.  First up was another commission from the Internet Watch Foundation.  I’ve been photographing their staff for the past few years and this very long day of shooting was booked in to update their portraits for their new annual report.  I look forward to photographing the report launch event at the House of Lords in London in April.


Next up for me was a lifestyle product shoot of one of my favourite subjects, plugs!  I’ve shot quite a lot for Mi-Home and their smart home/ smart plug range of electronics.  This shoot was to show the plug within a home/kitchen environment.  It’s actually easier said than done to shoot a small product within a wider environmental scene!

A second location product shoot was combined with a portrait commission.  I shot for a brand new fine dining Indian restaurant on mill Road in Cambridge.  The as yet to be named new establishment needed images of their star chef and some of his delicious looking food creations!  I rarely shoot food photography, so this was a great opportunity to try a few things out and learn a few new tricks!



My final job of the month was the big one!  I was in London for four days following a big corporate event around with quite a lot of gear in my rucksack.  There were multiple locations, occasions and things to shoot from conference talks, group work breakouts and social events.  The highlight and finale was a circus themed gala dinner.  When I say circus themed, I really mean it!  I’ve included some highlights of the venues and the gala dinner:


With the start of 2019 under my belt, I look forward to the rest of the year and to the weather warming up a little…