April, May, June, Ju…

The end of the blog!?

When I get busy, my time to go through images and post about them every month is really limited.  With numbers reading this website small, I’ve been getting a sneaky feeling that my blog posting is actually a monthly vanity project to show how busy I am…

So, blogging about my photography month by month is not the best use of my time.  That and I’m not a fan of adding to this modern culture of busy-ness.  Being busy shouldn’t be so all-important!  Maybe we’d all prefer to do something else than be busy and maybe not even post online about it?  Now there’s an idea!

Rest assured that I’m still out there shooting all the time and I’d be delighted to shoot for you!  My Instagram stories (www.instagram.com/stillvisionphotographycamb), will be the best place to keep up to date with me, but from now on, I’ll perhaps blog only particularly interesting jobs as a compromise?

Until next time x